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New Anime Trailer For “Sacrificial Princess And The King Of Beasts” Synopsis, Premiere Date, & More Info!

Is it ever on your mind to imagine what it’d be like to hang out with animals? The answer to that question will be presented in this upcoming anime. In the coming year, we have much to anticipate.

Among them is the anime series Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts. There is a palpable buzz of anticipation to finally meet the voice actors behind the anime. Let us, then, get down to business without further delay.

The Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts, based on Yu Tomofuji’s Niehime to Kemono no O, will premiere as an anime in 2023. The manga by the same name was originally released in 2015, and this is an adaptation of that work. This manga ended in October 2020. Its popularity has resulted in a spin-off series. The announcements have set off a frenzy among fans on Twitter. In order to learn more, read on.

When Will The King Of Beasts And The Princess Sacrifice Be Available?

When Will King Of Beasts And The Princess Sacrifice Be Available

Since the show is set to premiere in 2023, we can reasonably expect the anime adaptation to hit shelves in the spring or summer of that year. With 15 volumes in the manga, it’s reasonable to assume that the anime will span more than one season, allowing for staggered releases. It’s possible that an anime season would consist of 12–14 episodes.

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The go-ahead for the adaptation is the only positive sign in recent memory. Nobody knows who’s behind the anime either. In the remaining months of 2022, we can expect to learn more about the show, such as the opening and closing themes, the cast and crew, and teaser trailers.

What Is The Plot Of “Sacrificial Princess And The King Of Beasts?”

The manga adaptations of The Sacrificial Princess and The King of Beasts are nostalgic for their readers because of their frequent allusions to traditional fairy tales and characters like Beauty and the Beast.

What Is The Plot Of Sacrificial Princess And The King Of Beasts

There was a war between humans and beasts, and the two sides finally came to an impasse. Leonhart, King of the Beasts and Demons, accepts human sacrifices to solidify his rule over his realm. Nearly a hundred human females have already been consumed by him.

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As the 99th human sacrifice, a young girl named Sariphi who shows no fear of him is brought before him. She is said to be the Queen of Beasts and was brought to Leonhart from the distant kingdom of Ozmargo, where no trace of humans has ever been found.

She is both interesting and surprising to Leonhart because of her unwavering optimism and complete lack of fear of any and all monsters. He gives her free reign over the land, setting her off on an adventure that could alter the course of Ozmargo’s history.

Sacrificial Princess And The King Of Beasts Cast

In the latter half of the year, we should hear who will be lending their voices to the anime. The anime is based on the manga Sacrificial Princess and King of Beasts, so we can expect to see characters like:

  • Sariphi
  • Leonhart
  • Clops and Cy
  • Anubis
  • Princess Amit
  • Ilya
  • Jormungand
  • Bennu
  • Joz
  • Fenrir
  • Lanteveldt
  • Set
  • Nir
  • Tetra
  • Gwiber

Anime: The King of Beasts and the Sacrificial Princess — New Trailer

The anime’s official website has released a trailer revealing the show’s cast. The official Twitter account also made the same announcement. The trailer also includes details on when the anime will first air.

On Friday, the first promotional video for the anime adaptation of the series was made available online. More news and updates will be posted to the website and Twitter account in the near future. Don’t miss out on learning more about this brand-new and riveting series.

To Conclude

Japanese mangaka Y Tomofuji’s Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts (, Niehime to Kemono no ) follows the adventures of a princess who must sacrifice herself to save the king of the beasts.

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