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Pickle Wheat Of “Swamp People” Is Expecting Her First Child!

Just in time for gator season, the Swamp People are welcoming a new family member. History Channel star Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat, who also appears on Swamp People: Serpent Invasion, recently announced that she is pregnant with their first child together with boyfriend Joshua Kippes.

The 27-year-old mother-to-be broke the news of her pregnancy in November when she and Kippes enlisted Kippes’ son in a cute pregnancy announcement photo shoot that she posted on Facebook. Without a caption, it’s clear that the first photo in the gallery depicts Wheat and Kippes in a field, with Kippes holding an ultrasound image (he’s an EMT, according to TheCinemaholic).

There are two additional pictures in the gallery that show the expectant parents shopping for baby supplies in the store’s baby aisle.

A short time later, Wheat updated her Facebook with more infant news. The star of Swamp People announced the arrival of her first child on January 2, writing, “many of you may already know but if not, here’s some big news.” She then added, “we have a little lady coming in may!! She posted a photo of a tiny pair of shoes and a dress for a baby and wrote, “whoever she may be, I hope the world is as kind to her as y’all are to me.”

A lot of happiness was spread among Wheat’s followers after they heard the news of the impending birth. Someone wrote in response to the initial pregnancy announcement, “So, congrats, pickle. You’re going to be a wonderful mom, and I can’t wait to meet the little man you’re having.

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” Wheat’s post was flooded with congratulations as she announced the arrival of her daughter, with one commenter writing, “Congratulations, you’re having a girl!” “Congratulations! That’s wonderful news. That’s so fortunate.”

Who Is Pickle Wheat From ‘Swamp People’?

Even though Pickle Wheat is making her television debut, she is no stranger to the sport of alligator hunting. History.com states that Pickle’s great-grandfather was an early advocate of alligator hunting in the St. Bernard Parish region. Since she was young, she has assisted her father on hunting trips, and she now helps the family business in significant ways by creating turkey and duck calls.

Who Is Pickle Wheat From 'Swamp People

Pickle is dating a fellow alligator hunter when she’s not working or filming. She has been dating her co-star on Swamp People, Chase Landry, since October 2020. The two made their relationship on Facebook official on October 25; their love is likely to be featured in Season 12 of Swamp People.

The 31-year-old actor has been with the show since Season 3, and he has always been a fan favorite. He has a son named Riley with his ex-wife Chelsea Kinney. When exactly they broke up is a mystery.

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Pickle brags about her adventurous spirit on her Instagram page. She is frequently depicted utilizing a crossbow, displaying her kills, and interacting with various animals.

Does Chase Landry Find Himself In A “Pickle”?

Years ago, Troy Landry made the shocking admission that he was the grandfather of Chase’s firstborn child. The media and the fans alike gave it a lot of attention. Because Chase maintained an air of mystery throughout his career as a public figure.

The sudden revelation that he is a father, spread via his father’s Facebook post, sparks a revolution. However, shortly after that revelation, numerous media outlets stated that he was married to Chelsea Kinsey and that the couple had recently given birth to a son.

The story took a surprising turn, however, when it was revealed that Chase and Chelsea had divorced shortly after the birth of their child.

Shortly after, rumors began to circulate that Chase had a thing for Cheyenne ‘Pickle’ Wheat of Swamp People. Cheyenne, or “Pickle” as her friends call her, had updated her Facebook status to “In a Relationship with Chase Landry” and posted numerous photos of the two of them together by the year 2020. At that point, everybody automatically assumed they were an item.

What Is Pickle Wheat’s Actual Name?

Pickle Wheat, unsurprisingly, wasn’t given her unusual name at birth (although it would have been kind of amazing if that was the case). isn’t even the real name of the new reality star; Cheyenne Wheat is much more common.

Pickle Wheat can be found on Instagram by searching for her by her given name. You can find her Instagram here if you’d like to follow her or just view her feed. She also maintains an extremely lively presence on the social networking site.


The seasoned hunter will turn 25 in September of 2020. Eddie Wheat and Missie Wheat were married for three years before the birth of their daughter, Pickle. She has a sibling and grew up in the Louisiana town of Poydras.

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