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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Raises The Question, “Is King George Gay?”

One of history’s most intriguing rulers, Queen Charlotte, is the subject of the newest entry to the Bridgerton universe, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

The 18th century serves as the backdrop for Bridgerton’s forerunner. It delves into the love and turbulent relationship of King George III and Queen Charlotte by focusing on their early marriage.

One of the most famous monarchs in British history, King George III is widely regarded as a historical icon. During his 60 years at the helm, he is remembered as the monarch who saw the American colonies fall.

A side of the king rarely seen in textbooks is presented in the new Netflix series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Is King George Gay?

Many readers of the Bridgerton books may have suspected that King George is gay, but this is not the case. The king tells his trusted advisor Reynolds that he loves Queen Charlotte very much. George instantly fell in love with her.

Is King George Gay

George doesn’t want Charlotte to see him sick, so he acts aloof and chilly toward his wife. Because of his mental illness, he frequently experienced manic episodes and collapsed. For the time being, he chooses to conceal this fact from his wife.

Charlotte’s presence improves the king’s mental health, and as a result, the pair establishes a steady, hot romance, and their marriage flourishes.

However, the queen does not learn about George’s disease until she is pregnant and he has a manic episode. After learning the truth, Queen Charlotte resolves to remain at her husband’s side, showing her love and loyalty.

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The “Romeo And Juliet Effect” The Bridgerton Spin-Off Has Received Rave Reviews From Actors

Co-stars India Ria Amarteifio and Corey Mylchreest joined down with Extra to talk about their experiences playing Queen Charlotte and King George. Corey laughs as he describes his strategy for landing the part. We were definitely targeted for recruitment. The Bridergton spin-off, he says, is his first “sizeable” job.

The Romeo And Juliet Effect The Bridgerton Spin-Off Has Received Rave Reviews From Actors

The actress praised the novel The Great Experiment, saying it “brings a segregated society together, which is why Bridgerton is beautiful and colorful.”

The actors, reflecting on their most personal scenes together, emphasized the significance of building trust. India said, “Having a firm understanding of our boundaries and why the scenes are being done” was the key to the success of their scenes.

When asked about the employment of intimacy coordinators, both actors said they felt completely comfortable during every take. With Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, readers will be immersed in a riveting work of historical fiction.

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King George’s Mental Health Issues

George III and Queen Charlotte, portrayed by Golda Rosheuvel, had a strong marriage, and this is reflected in the performance. They were still very much in love after all these years of marriage and the many challenges they had endured. The king’s love for and protectiveness of his wife are illustrated in this tale.

King George's Mental Health Issues

However, George III is also shown as a man with a mental disorder in the show. Historians have long debated whether or not the monarch actually suffered from a mental condition.

He is portrayed compassionately in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, which details how his illness hampered his ability to fulfill his kingly responsibilities and his relationship with Charlotte.

In addition to his mental health problems, George III has other challenges throughout the series. His interactions with Michelle Fairley’s character, who plays his mother, are some of the show’s most intriguing because of the tension between them. George III’s connection with his mother and how that affected his reign is explored in this program.

Final Words

During his latter years, he also experienced vision and hearing loss due to rheumatism, and he passed away at age 81 from pneumonia in 1820.

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