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Reacher Season 2 – Premiere Date, Storyline, Where To Watch, And More!

Reacher is the kind of show that everyone should see, and they will be able to do so very soon. The Jack Reacher adaption by Amazon Prime Video, based on the novels by Lee Child, is only one of several Prime Video shows that will be available on Amazon’s free streaming service, Freevee.

The hitch is that people will have to watch commercials before they can witness Alan Ritchson use his meathooks on someone, but if hearing someone talk for 30 seconds about Squarespace or a new car is the price of seeing Alan Ritchson in action, then we’re all for it. Below, in “Latest News,” you’ll find more information about the Freevee transaction.

The second season of Reacher was ordered up faster than Reacher could knock out two opponents. Like you, we’re curious about what will happen in Season 2.

Which Jack Reacher novel will it adopt? When will Season 2 of Reacher be available to watch? Who all from the original cast is coming back? We’ll do our best to address them all below, and we’ll be sure to update the post with any new information.

When Will The Second Season Of Reacher Be Available?

Filming for Season 2 of Reacher wrapped up in late February, but there has been no official word on when the new season will premiere. The earliest it may air is summer 2023 at the earliest.

When Will The Second Season Of Reacher Be Available

(The first episode of Season 1 of Reacher aired back in February.) That prediction was backed up by Prime Video Television head Vernon Sanders, who told Collider the show would return in 2023.

At the close of the year 2022, Sanders had this to say about Season 2: “It’s going pretty well. Welp, Alan’s back, and he’s better than ever. Respect the makers for casting Reacher in that role.

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The response from the book’s fans to the TV series has been fantastic. Season 2 is fantastic. And Season 2 is even better than Season 1 was, therefore I think the program will probably return for a third season.

Storyline Of Reacher Season 2

Die Trying, Lee Child’s second Reacher novel is a strong candidate for inspiration for season 2 of the show. Due to the show’s origins in adapting the first Reacher novel, this is abundantly clear from the get-go.

Storyline Of Reacher Season 2

The first season of Reacher was inspired by Lee Child’s Killing Floor, the first Jack Reacher novel. In that book, Reacher is wrongfully accused of murder in the little Georgia town of Margrave. Lucky for him, Jack Reacher is a former army major with a wide array of amazing abilities. He spends the season trying to clear his name in what seems to be a widespread conspiracy revolving around a cash counterfeiting ring.

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Joe, Jack’s secret service agent brother, becomes involved and is ultimately slain, adding yet another complication to Jack’s life. By the season’s end, everything is resolved, the villains are punished, and Jack has hitchhiked away to a new location, leaving Margrave behind.

In terms of our hero, Jack Reacher, Amazon Prime has a lot of material to work with, and readers of the books will have a fair notion of what to expect. Vernon Sanders, Amazon’s Head of TV, has seen season 2 of Reacher and thinks it will be better than the first. What a compliment!

Reacher Season 2 Cast

Ritchson has been hitting the gym hard in preparation for the approaching Fast and Furious 10 release date, and this may have something to do with it.

  • Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher
  • Maria Sten as Frances Neagley
  • Maxwell Jenkins as young Jack Reacher
  • Serinda Swan as Karla Dixon
  • Rory Cochrane
  • Domenick Lombardozzi
  • Ferdinand Kingsley
  • Ty Victor Olsson
  • Josh Blacker
  • Al Sapienza
  • Dean McKenzie
  • Shannon Kook-Chun
  • Luke Bilyk
  • Andres Collantes
  • Edsson Morales

Reacher Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no season 2 Reacher trailer available. Production for Season 2 of the program concluded in February, so it shouldn’t be too long before we see it. While you wait, have a look at the first season’s trailer.


Alan Ritchson said in September 2022 that production on Season 2 had begun, promising that it would be more ambitious than its predecessor. Here we are, in the second season of @reacheronprime! Even bigger plans are in store for this year.

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