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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Strategy And Loadout Recommendations For Hard Difficulty!

The remake of Resident Evil 4 has a pleasant aroma. Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 4 is far from being a phoned-in cash cow, as it collects (almost) everything that made the original such a standout and refines it for modern tastes. It’s an unusual remake that holds its own as a standalone work.

The best part is that Resident Evil 4 still has all the hallmarks of a classic Resident Evil game, such as being dense, complex, full of systems that aren’t always explained, and juuust scary enough. It’s a lot to take in for a first-timer. Even if you have played the original game once a year for the past two decades, you will still encounter new challenges and may even get stuck occasionally.

What you need, we can provide. Get started with our beginner’s guide and discover new ways to increase your income (in the game, not IRL, sorry). The items, files, and treasures that Leon uncovers throughout his adventure are all detailed in our chapter-by-chapter walkthroughs. Learn strategies for taking down the game’s hardest early bosses and puzzles. In addition, no visit to Resident Evil 4 is complete without

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Guidelines For Playing Resident Evil 4 In General

The Resident Evil 4 remake features the original game’s 16 chapters, with three different difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, and Hard). After completing the main story, you’ll gain access to New Game Plus and the game’s hardest difficulty, Professional.

Guidelines for Playing Resident Evil 4 in General

Our walkthroughs are primarily based on the “Standard” difficulty setting, but we do point out instances where the approach to a boss fight or the solution to a puzzle changes significantly on higher or lower settings.

You can skip to specific sections if you’re only interested in one type of guide, but beware of SPOILERS if you don’t want to be spoiled about upcoming bosses or puzzles.

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Make As Much Use As You Can Of Melee Attacks

Even though Resident Evil 4 has more action than its predecessors, you should still conserve your ammo. Here is where Leon’s close-range attacks shine. An indicator will appear next to the target to show that you can run up to them and perform a melee attack if you have the ability to stagger them.

Make as much use as you can of melee attacks

One of the simplest is to repeatedly shoot an opponent in the head and then kick him in the face. This is both stylish and practical, as it conserves ammunition.

Upgrade Your Combat Knife

The Combat Knife can only be used so many times before it breaks, unlike the original game. You can get it fixed at the Merchant, but you should spend some of your Pesetas strengthening your Combat Knife instead.

Given the increased emphasis on parries in this new version, your Combat Knife should be sturdy enough that you can use it without fear of it snapping. Also, foes can grab you, and stabbing them is one way to free yourself. Strengthening your combat knife will allow you to employ it more frequently.


It is strongly suggested that you take the left path first if you wish to obtain the items from both paths. You can take a roundabout route through the area, free from danger, before opening the door on the right and beginning the chase.

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