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Review Of Consumer Cellular: Five Things To Know Before Signing Up!

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With Consumer Cellular, you can join AT&T and T-networks Mobile for as little as $20 per month.

Consumer Cellular was put to the test so that I could evaluate it for myself. And to see how Consumer Cellular stacks up, I’ve researched and compared over 70 other carriers’ offerings for mobile service.

In this article, I’ll discuss Consumer Cellular’s service, including the company’s plans and pricing, as well as how to sign up and what to expect once your service has been activated.

What Is Consumer Cellular?

In our rankings of the Best Cell Phone Plans for 2023, Consumer Cellular’s Unlimited Talk & Text plan comes in at #9.

Consumer Cellular is a Portland, Oregon-based telecommunications company with over 4 million customers who are all at least 50 years old. There are discounts available for AARP members on various cell phone plans. Being an MVNO means that the company rents its network capacity from another provider.

What Is Consumer Cellular

Both AT&T and T-Mobile are among the networks that Consumer Cellular supports. The company’s plans range from $20 to $55 per month and include unlimited talk time and texting as standard, with data allowances ranging from 1 GB to an unlimited amount.

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Activation Process

It’s simple to choose a Consumer Cellular plan and start using the service. To better understand the Consumer Cellular sign-up procedure, I recently completed my own.

The first thing I did was go to Consumer Cellular’s website, where I promptly added the $20 plan to my shopping cart. Under “Products & Services,” I didn’t select “Buy a New Phone” but rather “Bring Your Own Phone.” My phone’s IMEI number was accepted there. So I can check for phone compatibility.

Activation Process

Simply dialing *#06# will reveal your phone’s unique IMEI number. Additionally, prior to purchasing a SIM card from Consumer Cellular, you should ensure that your phone is unlocked.

There, you’ll have the option of keeping your current number or getting a brand-new one. I opted to switch cell phone providers. Emergency road service is also available as an add-on.

To make the most of your new phone purchase from Consumer Cellular, it is recommended that you select your plan and add the device to your shopping cart before making any other purchases.

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After that, a window will open asking you to select a new gadget. There is no particular order in which the wireless plan and SIM card must be added if you are bringing your own phone to Consumer Cellular.

Strategies And Costs

In addition to the $5 autopay discount, Consumer Cellular provides six different prebuilt plans ranging in price from $20 to $50 per month. Unlimited talk and text is included in all plans.

In conclusion, adding more lines at Consumer Cellular results in substantial savings. The monthly cost of an unlimited data plan for three lines is only $80, a savings of $23 per line compared to the cost of a single line.

Strategies And Costs

Only the $50/month unlimited plan allows you to continue using data at 2G speeds after you’ve reached your monthly cap. Any plan will automatically upgrade you to the next tier if you go over your data allowance.

Members of the AARP can save an extra 5% off their monthly service fee in addition to the $5 autopay discount. After choosing your plan, you’ll be able to enter your membership information to start saving more.

Detailed Analysis Of The Consumer Cellular Unlimited Talk & Text Plan

Consumer Cellular’s founding strategy targeted customers who have a basic need for a cell phone but aren’t heavy users. The plans offered by Consumer Cellular are simple and straightforward, with options for unlimited talk and text as well as data usage ranging from 1 GB to unlimited.

Although Consumer Cellular has one of the cheapest data plans, its higher data plans may not be the most cost-effective compared to other cell phone plan providers in our rankings for heavy users.

Additionally, if you believe you are a light data user and are thinking about the inexpensive 1 GB plan, you should make sure that is enough data for you, as 1 GB typically only allows for 40 minutes of casual internet scrolling per day.

Additionally, as an MVNO, Consumer Cellular’s customers may not have access to AT&T and T-full Mobile’s networks and may experience slower speeds during peak network usage due to the priority given to the parent company’s customers by the towers that Consumer Cellular leases.


For us, Consumer Cellular’s unlimited data plan is one of the company’s biggest drawbacks. You’ll be paying more than you would with other companies for the same amount of data. For instance, $40 per month gets you an unlimited plan from Visible Wireless. Also, your “unlimited” data plan only provides 35 GB of ultra-fast storage space.

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