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Riley Gaines, A Former Swimming Champion, Was Assaulted While Speaking Out In Favor Of Equal Rights For Women Athletes!

Former NCAA Division 1 swimmer Riley Gaines was “ambushed” by protesters after a speech she gave at San Francisco State University and was locked in a room for nearly three hours. Now, her representative Eli Bremer is demanding action from the university.

After giving a speech on campus about women’s sports, Riley Gaines posted a video to social media Thursday night showing a large crowd surrounding her. Gaines claimed she was “ambushed and physically hit” in a tweet. The footage shows her being led away by the police.

Social media videos appeared to show the crowd hurling slurs and chanting, “Trans rights are human rights” and “Trans women are women” at Gaines.

On Friday, in an exclusive statement to Fox News Digital, Bremer demanded that “any students who were violent” be expelled from the university and that “any staff member who did not attempt to end the assault” be fired.

“Last night, at San Francisco State University, the nation’s preeminent advocate for women’s rights, Riley Gaines, was the victim of a violent attack (SFSU). For three hours, the university did nothing to stop the violent mob from holding her hostage “Bremer declared.

Bremer Also Mentioned That Gaines Was “Weighing All Legal Options”

“Riley is also in the process of hiring an attorney and is weighing her legal options in light of the recent events. We have not ruled out legal action against SFSU or the individuals responsible for the assault on Riley. We will not and cannot tolerate any form of violence against women.”

Bremer Also Mentioned That Gaines Was Weighing All Legal Options

Louis Barker, Gaines’ husband, told Fox News Digital that his wife, a 12-time All-American college athlete, was beaten “multiple times by a guy in a dress” while being locked in a room for nearly three hours.

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The following statement was released to Fox on Friday morning by the University Police Department (UPD) at San Francisco State University: “We continue to look into the matter at hand. No one was taken into custody because of this incident. The disruption occurred after the event had ended, so UPD officers had to relocate the speaker to a more secure location.”

Riley Gaines Claims She Was Assaulted After Giving A Speech At A University In California

Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer, reported being assaulted on the SF State campus on Thursday. According to the event announcement, Gaines was invited to speak about her opposition to transgender athletes participating in women’s sports at the university.

Riley Gaines Claims She Was Assaulted After Giving A Speech At A University In California

One person attacked me physically. Gaines told CNN’s Natasha Chen, “I was struck twice; the first time it hit my shoulder and the second time it grazed my face.” Before I was able to escape with the aid of campus police, the remaining protestors “just ambushed and cornered me.”

Gaines posted a video from the event on her Instagram, in which she can be seen hurriedly evading security guards. Despite the protester’s chants of “trans rights are human rights,” the video’s shaky quality makes it difficult to tell whether or not an assault actually took place.

Our investigation into the matter is still ongoing. Police at the university said in a statement that no one was detained as a result of the incident. “The disruption occurred after the event had concluded, so UPD officers had to relocate the event speaker to a safe location,” the report said.

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Gaines Claimed That She Was Physically Assaulted By Police As She Was Being Escorted Away

I’m fine right now, but it’s been an hour and a half since I was ambushed in here, and the ambushers outside are still yelling and threatening violence, as Gaines put it. Two physical blows were delivered to me by a man as police escorted me from the venue to where I am now. To me, this is further proof that I’m on the right track.

Gaines Claimed That She Was Physically Assaulted By Police As She Was Being Escorted Away

Charlie Kirk, fothe under of Turning Point USA, condemned the attack as “unacceptable.” Even in San Francisco, this would not be tolerated on a campus in the United States, as Kirk tweeted. Keep Riley Gaines and all the courageous SF State students in your prayers.

We strongly denounce the assault on [IWF] spokesperson Riley Gaines at San Francisco State University. “During a speech on sex discrimination women face in their own single-sex sports category, Riley was violently accosted, ambushed, and physically assaulted,” the group wrote on Twitter.

Riley was physically assaulted, yelled at, and barricaded in a room by protestors at SF State tonight, rather than have a civil discussion. Bremer said in a statement, “It is shocking that in the year 2023 in America, it is acceptable for biological male students to violently assault a woman for standing up for women’s rights.

” Riley will continue to warn the public about the risks of biological males in women’s sports despite this setback. She’s not going to stop telling the truth in the face of a radical left that can’t tell men and women apart.

To Conclude

She told me a guy wearing a dress repeatedly punched her. Actually, I was shaking. I became so enraged by it that it ruined my day. The inability to do anything about it “makes me sick,” Gaines’s husband Louis Barker told Fox News. Even though she was under police protection, a man in a dress was able to attack her.

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