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Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Was Advised To “Cover-Up” After Being Criticized For Posting “Rude” Swimsuit Photos From Saudi Arabia!

Even during their short time there, Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez caused quite a stir with their actions. They moved to a fancy property in Saudi Arabia last year, and that was the first sign of trouble. Until Ronaldo and Georgina get hitched, they are in violation of Saudi Arabian law, which prohibits cohabitation by unwed couples.

However, due to the pair’s prominence, they were exempted. According to her most recent Instagram post, though, Georgina appears to have located her again. Pictures of Georgina in a swimsuit quickly went viral. The post quickly gained over 4 million likes and went viral. Many online commenters, however, have pointed out that she is breaking Saudi Arabian law by posting this photo of herself in a bikini or other form of clothing that covers the body.

When the season began, Cristiano Ronaldo had just signed with the Saudi Arabian team Al-Nassr, making him the highest-paid player in football history. The Portuguese superstar surpassed the 500-goal barrier in the league earlier this year with four goals in a game for Al Nassr.

All told the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has netted for teams in five different leagues. The former Real Madrid forward has scored 118 goals for his country, making him the all-time leader in goals scored by an international player. The 38-year-old’s last assignment was a Saudi Pro League game against Al-Khaleej, where he was unable to score.

Cristiano Ronaldo And Georgina Rodriguez Posted A Love Photo To Instagram

When Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez first met in 2016, they quickly became an item. Two of the couple’s five children are Rodriguez’s biological offspring.

Ronaldo revealed his true feelings to his lover in a recent photo. The Portuguese ex-pat was spotted out on the town with his boo at a restaurant, where he posted a photo of the two of them kissing. A caption written by the 38-year-old read:

Al-Nassr, which Ronaldo currently captains, will play Al-Khaleej in a Saudi Pro League match later on Monday (May 8). Due to a muscle ailment, the Portuguese superstar was granted a day off from training. It is uncertain whether he will compete against Al-Khaleej.

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The Sister Of Cristiano Ronaldo Has A Good Time In Saudi Arabia, Hanging Out With The Al-Nassr Star And With Georgina Rodriguez

Katie Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, recently visited Saudi Arabia and spent quality time with Georgina Rodriguez. The Al-Nassr forward was also a frequent subject of Aveiro’s photo posts.

Aveiro posted several pictures to her Instagram story that showed the city of Riyadh. She was also spotted hanging out with Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez’s kids.

The Sister Of Cristiano Ronaldo Has A Good Time In Saudi Arabia, Hanging Out With The Al-Nassr Star And With Georgina Rodriguez

Aveiro also shared footage of a face procedure she had received. She posted a picture of herself and Cristiano Ronaldo to Instagram with the caption:

The man who has been credited with naming the team’s starting XI is none other than the illustrious superstar Ronaldo. The 38-year-old was doubtful to play because of muscle soreness, so he was given a day off from training.

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Since 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo has been dating Georgina Rodriguez. They have five children together, two of which are Rodriguez’s biological children.

However, Ronaldo and Rodriguez have not tied the knot just yet. In 2019, Ronaldo was questioned by British TV host Piers Morgan on the subject. Ronaldo replied (via the Mirror)


Mateo and Eva are the purported names of the boy and girl twins that were reportedly created with the help of a surrogate mother. Ronaldo is just as proud of his twins as he was of his firstborn, and he and his fiancée, Georgina, frequently post photos of them on Instagram.

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