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Sam Heughan Says He Recently Started Watching Classic Romantic Comedies In Preparation For His Upcoming Role!

Sam Heughan’s upcoming romantic comedy Love Again has fans on this side of the Atlantic Ocean counting down the days before its debut. Last week, the picture opened in theaters across the United States and Canada, with the British premiere set for May 12.

Fans were thrilled with the film, but reviewers haven’t been won over. In fact, reviewers have given the picture a 19% rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes, but fans have given it a 93% rating, showing just how much more kind audiences can be.

Starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Mia watches helplessly as her fiance is murdered in a vehicle accident in Love Again. Two years later, she returns to New York and, in an attempt at closure, begins texting his old number, only to discover that it has been given to Heughan’s character, the journalist Rob.

Rob becomes enamored with the messages and even receives guidance on how to win Mia’s heart from Celine Dion (in character). They eventually meet through mutual connections and begin dating, despite Mia’s continued ignorance of the message content.

Among the harshest critics was Andy Klein from the AV Club. The movie was “so bland that it’s already dribbling away from my memory,” he said. Klein claimed that the film was “almost devoid of humor,” despite the fact that it was a romantic comedy.

When Will Love Again, Sam Heughan’s New Novel, Be Published?

The current release date for Love Again is Friday, May 5, 2023. I’m crossing my fingers that the name and the date will stay. There have been three different release dates for the film in the past twelve months.

The release date of the film was previously anticipated to be somewhere in late 2022. The original release date for the album, titled It’s All Coming Back to Me, was February 2022. In a tweet sent on April 19—which also featured a steamy kiss scene from the film—Heughan announced the release date.

When Will Love Again, Sam Heughan's New Novel, Be Published

The story of Love Again is a tried-and-true formula for romantic comedies, complete with confused identities, hidden messages, and a happy conclusion guaranteed to warm your heart. Chopra’s character is a lady who texts her late fiancé’s former phone number, which has now been handed to someone else, in an effort to deal with her grief after he suddenly passes away.

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Fortunately for her, that person is Heughan, who is dealing with his own heartbreak. The question is whether or whether, upon finally meeting, they will be able to heal one other’s damaged hearts. Even if you are probably already familiar with the outcome, watching it will be a pleasure nonetheless.

In Love Again, Who Co-Stars With Sam Heughan?

As was previously said, Heughan and Chopra will play key roles in Love Again. “I have so much respect for her. That woman is stunning. She is fantastic. Heughan was enthused about his co-star’s good character in Canada in June of 2021. I think it’s going to be a wonderful project,” he told Parade that November. It’s a stunning script, really.

It’s a lighthearted comedy with a romantic twist. Director Jim Strouse (Grace Is Gone, The Incredibles) The director is [James Jessica. He has a history of producing excellent indie films. What a fantastic ensemble. It’s the kind of movie that, hopefully, audiences will love and that we really need right now.

On What Is Love Again Based?

On What Is Love Again Based

The 2016 German film SMS Fur Dich, in turn, based on the 2009 German novel of the same name by Sofie Cramer, served as the inspiration for Love Again. To prepare American moviegoers for the May 5 release of the film, the book has been translated into English.

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Is There A Trailer For Love Again?

Sure thing! Sony debuted the Love Again teaser on the most romantic day of the year, February 14.


Heughan’s birthday was April 30th, 1980, making him 40 years old. When filming the first season of the drama, however, he was 33, making him a year older than his on-screen counterpart.

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