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Scribblejuice Face Reveal: True Identity And Life History! Everything You Need To Know!

Perla, or scribble juice as she’s known on YouTube, is an American animator who was born on January 2, 2002 (making her 21 years old).

situated in New York City Scribblejuice has built a sizable following as a popular YouTube animator. She first gained fame as an artist and author of children’s animated books.

Scribblejuice, in her mind, mixes up a powerful concoction that she can either use to hurl at her foes or drink to gain superhuman strength.

Scribblejuice offers six different potions, each of which is color-coded to indicate its effect. The most lethal substances—fire, ice, electricity, acid, and explosives—are represented by the colors red, white, blue, green, orange, and pink.

Fire can be used to start fires, burn enemies, melt money, and melt ice. With enough ice, you can freeze a large amount of water or halt the progress of your enemy.

Scribblejuice is a U.S.-based YouTuber who has become famous thanks to her popular channel. There, she’s become somewhat well-known for the groundbreaking animations she’s created from her own cartoon drawings. Scribblejuice was born in New York, United States on January 2, 2002, making him an American citizen. In 2023, Scribblejuice will turn 21.

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Additional details about Scribblejuice are provided below. Information about Scribblejuice’s age, birthday, family, relationships, scandals, ethnicity, physical characteristics, rumors, and more are provided in this article.

Who Is Scribblejuice?

The YouTube star who became famous for her Scribblejuice channel deserves a name. She achieved fame in that region thanks to the popularity of animations based on her own cartoon drawings.

Who Is Scribblejuice

She first unveiled her YouTube channel in December of 2016. She now has more than 850,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. She previously oversaw the successful art blog scribblejuice on Tumblr.

Her real name is Perla, but she goes by Perla. Currently, she is based in New York City. In May 2020, she shared a video on YouTube in which she reflected on her time spent teaching her cousins English.

Perla, a YouTuber who has been active on the platform since 2016, claims she is unsuitable for children due to her frequent use of profanity.

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In the present moment, scribble juice uses Adobe Animate CC to make her animated shorts and Sony Vegas pro 13 for post-production editing. Her Huion GT-191 Kamvas pen tablet is where she does all of her animation drawings.

Scribblejuice Face Reveal

Scribblejuice, aka Perla, a Mexican-American social media star, rose to fame with the help of her eponymous YouTube channel. Her channel’s success since its December 2016 debut can be attributed in large part to her animated storytime videos, which have been viewed millions of times.

Scribblejuice Face Reveal 1

Scribblejuice is worth between $1 and $5 million, according to estimates. Her fame and fortune on YouTube are the basis of her personal wealth.


She currently has over 850,000 YouTube subscribers. Through her scribblejuice Tumblr site, she was able to gain widespread exposure for her artwork. Perla is the name of her given name, but she goes by Perla for short. It’s been some time since she settled down in the Big Apple. In the month of May of 2020, she uploaded a video to YouTube in which she discussed her efforts to educate her loved ones in the English language.

The famous YouTuber was born in the United States on January 2, 2002. Popular YouTuber known for her Scribblejuice videos. She gained notoriety due to the popularity of cartoons she animated using her own drawings. In 2023, Scribblejuice finally found love and is no longer attached. The age of majority for Scribblejuice is 21. In the past, Scribblejuice has dated at least one other person, as evidenced by their presence in the CelebsCouples database. In other words, she is a virgin.

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