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Season 4 Of ‘Love Is Blind Will Air In This City, And Its Premiere Date Is Set For 2023!

The Love is Blind podcasts have returned with brand-new singles. Season 4 of Love is Blind is the first to be shot in Seattle, Washington, rather than one of the previous three locations (Atlanta, Chicago, or Dallas).

Show creator Chris Coelen says that unlike other reality TV dating shows, which bring in people from all over the place, he made sure that all the singles on his show were actually from the same area.

They felt that distance wasn’t as much of a problem as “looks, or age, or background, or ethnicity,” but they still wanted to ask if those things were necessary obstacles to love. In the year 2020, Coelen elaborated to the news outlet Deadline. “It seemed like having someone from Portland and someone from Miami [was] maybe a bridge too far if we were really going to give these people a shot at making it work.”

Prior seasons had the pods shipped to various movie studios in Georgia and California, so it’s possible that those locations were used for filming. However, after getting engaged, the couples always jet off to a resort in Mexico for a tumultuous honeymoon. This time, guests will be staying at TRS Yucatan, a 5-star resort on Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

When Did Filming For Season 4 Of “Love Is Blind” Begin?

When Did Filming For Season 4 Of Love Is Blind Begin

Filming for the fourth season of Love Is Blind reportedly wrapped up in October 2022, as reported by Women’s Health. That’s not shocking at all, considering that the show’s creators have known for nearly a year that production will resume. Filming began in early May 2022, according to the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, so it’s safe to assume that the entire season was shot sometime between then and the beginning of summer.

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When Season 4 of Love Is Blind finally arrives, it will be on March 24, 2023. A teaser trailer for the upcoming season was released by Netflix on February 21.

It’s going to be so exciting, you guys! For those who can’t wait until the March 24, 2023 premiere of Season 4, you can watch the first three seasons of Love Is Blind on Netflix and relive all the heartbreak and romance all over again.

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On Friday, March 24, the first five episodes of the fourth season of Love Is Blind will be available online. The subsequent episodes will be released every Friday until the series finale.

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Where Was ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Filmed?

Season 4 of Love Is Blind was shot in Seattle, Washington, the same city that is home to Starbucks, the Space Needle, and the Seattle Seahawks. The Capitol Hill Seattle blog reported in May 2022 that filming for Love Is Blind was taking place there, so fans were already convinced before Netflix made the announcement. Fogon and Rapport, two restaurants on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, have both been spotted by television crews.

Project Casting also mentioned that a local single casting call had been held in the fall of 2022 for the role of a love interest in the film Love Is Blind. The audience was able to put two and two together and deduce that the fourth season would be set in Seattle. This makes sense, since the show being filmed for television could be about anything but the casting details are very specific.

Moving the show to Seattle would also give it a West Coast setting. Season 2 was shot primarily in Chicago, Illinois, while the pilot episode of Season 1 was shot in Atlanta, Georgia. Season 3 was filmed entirely in Dallas, Texas. It makes perfect sense for Netflix to produce a West Coast season if they want the show to reach the widest possible audience.

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New episodes of Love Is Blind, Season 4 are available every Friday on Netflix. Get the latest TV news, first looks, recaps, reviews, and interviews with your favorite stars when you subscribe to Entertainment Weekly’s free daily newsletter.

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