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Selling Sunset Season 6 Contestant Bre Tiesi Dishes On Her Determination To Compete!

Bre Tiesi would want to clarify some rumors about her new position. Tiesi, who is best known as the mother to one of Nick Cannon’s 12 children, is the newest cast member on Netflix’s smash reality TV show Selling Sunset and the newest realtor employed by the Oppenheim Group, she claims to take her job seriously.

She says TIME, “Everyone has this misconception that I am who I’ve dated and that is a big reason why I was never outward with my child’s father.” I’m a businesswoman, I’m hands-on in every department, and I’m nothing like you’d expect me to be.

Season 6 of Selling Sunset, available on Netflix as of May 19, features Tiesi throughout and picks up various plotlines from previous seasons, such as Chrishell Stause’s new romance and Mary Fitzgerald’s breakdown as a result of trying to juggle job and family responsibilities. Tiesi’s plot focuses on her adjustment to her new role at a real estate agency in Los Angeles. She brags about her many successes in the real estate industry and frequently mentions her millionaire clients on the show.

Tiesi’s previous real estate employer was Keller Williams Beverly Hills. She was also a model, had a brief marriage to NFL star Johnny Manzie, and appeared on Nick Cannon’s MTV show Wild ‘N Out. Legendary Love Cannon was born to her and Cannon in June of 2022. Since then, Cannon has multiplied his family to four.

Tiesi has been offered roles on other reality shows, but she has turned them down in the past. She decided to go in Selling Sunset because she felt it was “business-forward.” The 32-year-old Los Angeles native is very choosy about when and how she publicly confronts Cannon, and she was caught off guard by the show’s decision to make her private life a focal point this year.

It “Went A Little Left” This Season, She Says, Compared To Her Expectations

Tiesi’s predicament with Cannon is addressed throughout the season, usually at the urging of co-star Chelsea Lazkani, who brings it up on camera on multiple occasions. In the episode, Lazkani claimed that she “didn’t understand the situation” between Tiesi and Cannon, calling their arrangement “unfair for the kids.

It Went A Little Left This Season, She Says, Compared To Her Expectations

” Tiesi asked Lazkani to stop making remarks about her family after this, which sparked a fight between them. I don’t know why you feel the need to judge my loved ones. I wouldn’t bring up your family on air, she said. If you don’t accept him, you’re basically saying you don’t accept my son, and from here on out, I’m not f*cking with you.

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The level of inquiry, according to Tiesi, was “a little too far.” “It’s unfortunate that my private life and choices involving my child’s father and I have such a profound effect on her,” she adds. We are not causing any harm with our actions. We’re overjoyed. He (my son) is over the moon. All the needs of the people are met.

However, Tiesi doesn’t anticipate any future problems, saying, “We are grown adults and we can easily coexist and work together and be mature in a situation.”

Nick Cannon And Bre Tiesi’s ‘Open’ Relationship: “My Situation’s Interesting,” Bre Says

Throughout “Sunset,” Tiesi calls Cannon “my man” and “my best friend.” However, she is at a loss for words when asked about her romantic commitments. “I have an intriguing situation. “I’m not sure if I’m single,” she admits to her coworkers. I wouldn’t say open relationship, but that’s what it was.

Nick Cannon And Bre Tiesi's 'Open' Relationship My Situation's Interesting, Bre Says

Tiesi claims she and Cannon made a pact in which neither of them is obligated to maintain marital fidelity, and she has no desire for a more conventional relationship. I’m not the monogamous type, she admits.

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Everything I know about divorce is that it always ends horribly for everyone involved, especially the children. A man’s gotta lose it sometimes. Certainly not us!

According to a feature on Cannon published in the Los Angeles Times earlier this month, he chooses his sleeping companion based on his most recent interactions with that person. In an interview with the Times, he admitted, “Oftentimes it’s whichever of them has called me that day.” I am a creature of routine. Whoever likes me, I like.

Bre Tiesi’s Shock That Nick Cannon Became A Father

Tiesi appears to have lost trust in men after hearing (off camera) that Cannon’s daughter with model LaNisha Cole has arrived. (September is the month of Onyx Ice’s birth.)

Tiesi was with Lazkani when she found out the news, she says. According to Lazkani, “She flipped open her phone and showed me (a news piece). She was taken aback and deeply offended.

Bre Tiesi's Shock That Nick Cannon Became A Father

Tiesi informs her coworker Amanza Smith that she has mixed thoughts regarding the newest member of the Cannon family. It’s so ambiguous because you pretty much know he has other relatives anyway. Tiesi continues, “You already know that there are other kids. To omit information is not the same as to lie, correct? Simply put, I couldn’t give a damn.

Tiesi now wishes she had asked Cannon for the information. However, no such contract exists. There are no mandatory “You must complete X, Y, and Z.” instructions. She tells you, “You owe me this. Nothing like that exists here. I can take care of myself, and if my son or I have any needs, I know who to ask. All I need to do is that. Nick is not my sugar daddy, and I know he’s a nice dad. Nick is not the sole reason I am successful.

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