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Street Fighter 6 Release Date – How To Install SF6 On A PC, PlayStation, Or Xbox!

Street Fighter 6 is my favorite RPG so far this year. I’m not sure what to make of it. The game that was built around roughhousing with your friends and losing your quarters to the sharks at the arcade has ventured into Yakuza territory with a lengthy role-playing game set in the mean streets of Metro City (among other locations).

Previously, playing Street Fighter alone meant lengthy computer tournaments or, more lately, being killed online by some random middle schooler with the moniker Akuma69420. In Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, you’ll spend a lot of time battling against the machine, but with a storyline and sense of advancement to keep you motivated.

I wrote earlier this month about how much I like the demo’s taste of World Tour. As eye-opening as the demo was, it didn’t provide much of an idea of how huge the World Tour would be. Expect to put in at least two dozen hours between following the tale and leveling up.

With many countries to visit, a roster full of fighters to learn from, and a surprisingly political tale focusing on corporate colonialism and the often predatory nature of the charity business, World Tour is a huge brawl fest that has something to say and tells it with empathy. Of course, there are fists involved.

Is Street Fighter 6 Available For Pre-Order?

There will be no early access for Street Fighter 6 on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, or PC. The only way to play is to wait until June 2, 2023, when the game will be available on all platforms.

Is Street Fighter 6 Available For Pre-Order

You may be able to play the game early on Xbox by changing your region to New Zealand, depending on when it becomes available. But we won’t know for sure until Capcom announces firm release dates. We will update this tutorial once we know if this is doable.

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That’s all there is to it! That is all you need to know if you are able to play Capcom’s latest fighter thanks to Street Fighter 6 early access. If you’re intending to buy the game or play it on June 2, be sure to check out our Street Fighter 6 tier list, which includes information on who is currently at the top and who is a must-pick online.

File Size Of Street Fighter 6

Depending on the platform, the file size of Street Fighter 6 is roughly 60GB. The Steam version requires 60GB of free space, whereas the Xbox version requires approximately 57GB of storage space.

The file size of the game for PlayStation has not been disclosed, but it will most likely be similar to the other platforms. This does not include any hypothetical day-one fixes that may be released when the game launches.

Street Fighter 6 Has How Many Awards And Achievements?

Street Fighter 6 has 44 trophies and achievements in all. However, the game separates them in an unusual method, particularly on PlayStation. There are three types of awards and achievements: Battle Hub, World Tour, and Fighting Grounds. The major set of trophies/achievements is linked to the Battle Hub, and there are 32 in all.

Street Fighter 6 Has How Many Awards And Achievements

The other two sets are for World Tour mode and Fighting Grounds, which each have six trophies and achievements. The modes are represented as DLC in the game, and as such, they have their own lists.

PlayStation gamers can obtain the Platinum award by fulfilling solely the trophies related to the Battle Hub. To gain 100% completion on any platform, you must finish all three achievement/trophy lists.

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Pre-order Bonus For Street Fighter 6

There are numerous pre-order bonuses, some of which are only available on one platform. Players who pre-order Street Fighter 6 on all systems will receive alternate costumes for Chun-Li, Jamie, Manon, Dee Jay, Juri, and Ken in the form of Costume Color: Outfit 1 Color 10. This pre-order bonus is available for both the digital and retail versions of the game.

On PlayStation, users receive the aforementioned pre-order incentive, as well as 18 Special Titles and Stickers. These take the form of “unique” art designs for the game’s 18 initial characters.


Platforms. Unlike Street Fighter 5, the next installment in this series will not be exclusive to a single console. Street Fighter 6 will be released concurrently on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, which is fantastic news for Xbox users who missed out on the previous entry.

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