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Student Eats Duct-Taped Banana Sculpture At the Museum Because “He Was Hungry”

We’ve all been there—losing our appetite while exploring an art gallery. One hungry South Korean art student, however, decided to bravely eat Comedian, a banana taped on the wall by the notoriously mischievous artist Maurizio Cattelan, while visiting the Leeum Museum of Art in Seoul.

“The student told the museum that he ate it because he was hungry,” a Leeum representative said to CNN. Because it occurred unexpectedly, no special measures were taken. The artist [Cattelan] was made aware of what happened, but he showed no emotion.

Aesthetics and religion student at Seoul National University Noh Huyn-soo had a buddy film him while he devoured Cattelan’s Comedian. As Noh takes the banana off the wall, a voice says “Excuse me” in the background. After eating the fruit for slightly over a minute, he stuck the peel back on the wall while flashing a broad grin for the camera.

“There was a buzzer sound when I got close to other works, but there was no problem when I got close to Comedian,” Noh told Artnet News in an Instagram message. “After finishing the banana, I continued my exploration. The bananas were crisp and new.

Walking Into A South Korean Art Gallery, He Munched On A Banana Worth $160,000

Even though the long walk through a museum can make anyone hungry, most visitors will resist the temptation to munch on the exhibits. A South Korean art student who claimed to have skipped breakfast on Thursday gave in to his hunger and ate a banana that had been tied to the wall.

Walking Into A South Korean Art Gallery, He Munched On A Banana Worth $160,000

The ripe banana was a component of The Comedian, a work by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan that was appraised at $160,000. Currently, you can see it on display at Seoul’s Leeum Museum of Art.

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This unnamed South Korean art student claimed he ate the banana out of hunger, as he explained his actions to museum staff. Photographer: YouTube/@newskbs

According to a statement provided to CNN by the museum, “the student told the museum he ate it because he was hungry,” and the artist had been informed but did not anticipate any charges being made against the pupil.

Cattelan’s banana sculptures have inspired a new kind of artistic expression: eating them. The suit-clad South Korean student was recorded as he nonchalantly removed the tape from the wall, peeled the banana, and then ate it while looking directly into the camera.

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