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The Boys Season 4: Amazon Prime Premiere Date, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far!

The Boys’ success on Amazon Prime Video has continued to stun viewers. This was the most popular superhero show of 2022 and the eleventh most streamed show overall in 2022, per Nielsen ratings. While achieving either of these is impressive in and of itself, achieving them simultaneously is truly remarkable. Why else would it be getting a spin-off later this year? (Gen V).

However much we may hope for a March 2023 premiere of season 4, it will not occur. Amazon Prime has already announced its March lineup, and season 4 of The Boys will not be available.

This is to be expected, as production is still going on, but it can be disappointing for viewers waiting for new episodes. There won’t be any new episodes of The Boys available on Amazon Prime Video this month, but there should be some good news for Gen V fans soon. In December, a teaser trailer for the first Gen V game appeared online.

There hasn’t been any major development regarding the show since then. The only clue was a tweet from the show’s official account that simply said, “Our favorite set of numbers!” and included a picture of the year 2023. This page seems to suggest that the show will premiere this year, but without any release date information, fans can only wait.

Date Of Season 4 Of “The Boys”

Season 4 of The Boys has not been given a premiere date as of yet. The third and final season of the show will air on July 8, 2022, after being renewed in June 2022. It’s possible that new episodes will take some time to come out.

Date Of Season 4 Of The Boys

We haven’t heard anything official, but we have looked into past seasons in an effort to predict when the show will return. The show’s first two seasons were separated by a year and one month, and the two years and eight months that separated the second and third were extended by the Coronavirus pandemic. Season 4 could premiere anytime between July 2023 and March 2024 if previous seasons are any indication.

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Simon Pegg has announced on Instagram (opens in new tab) that he is done filming, so hopefully, this means that production will wrap up soon. This suggests that new episodes of The Boys could debut in the second half of 2023. It usually takes about a year and a half from the time production on the show begins until it finally airs. This is a rough estimate, to be sure. We’ll let you know the latest as soon as we hear anything official.

The Fourth Season Of The Boys’ Storyline

Two major Big Bads have been established by the end of Season 3 for Season 4 of The Boys. First, there’s Victoria Neuman, the exploding-head Supe who betrays Vought CEO Stan Edgar and gives Homelander free rein after blowing off the heads of a few Congressmen.

Already, she has threatened Annie and is well aware that Hughie is aware of her abilities. As a result, the damage she could do as Vice President of the United States is practically infinite.

The Fourth Season Of The Boys' Storyline

Thankfully, it appears that The Boys have her in their sights, as Butcher said in the final moments of the series finale. The Boys, meanwhile, appear to have reconciled by the season’s end after being at odds for much of it: MM, Butcher, Hughie, Frenchie, and Kimiko are all back together, and Annie, who has finally given up her Starlight identity for good, has joined them as their newest recruit.

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Executive producer Eric Kripke has stated that the fight for Ryan’s psyche will be a major plot point in the upcoming fourth season. For the next season, “finales are like pilots,” and “we really wanted to set up this battle for Ryan’s soul,” Kripke told EW.

I don’t think we can declare victory just yet. Obviously, it would be terrible for Earth if [Ryan] were to become another Homelander, and I think he saw that one thing. But he is Becca’s child, so there is hope that Butcher can bring him back to the light.

As for the rest of The Seven, Queen Maeve is alive and in hiding (though whether she’ll stay that way is anyone’s guess), and it remains to be seen how The Deep and A-Train will cope with the increasingly unstable Homelander, as well as the grief over the deaths of The Deep’s wife and A-brother, Train’s in Season 3.

The Boys Season 4 Cast

Every season of The Boys necessitates the introduction of new cast members. As the number of deaths in Season 3 was relatively high, Season 4 of The Boys will need to fill some shoes.

  • Antony Starr as Homelander
  • Jack Quaid as Hughie Cambell
  • Karl Urban as Billy Butcher
  • Erin Moriarty as Annie/Starlight
  • Jessie T Usher as A-Train
  • Chace Crawford as The Deep
  • Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko
  • Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk
  • Claudia Doumit as Victoria Neuman
  • Tomer Kapon as Frenchie
  • Colby Minifie as Ashley
  • Cameron Crovetti as Ryan

Season 3 Of ‘The Boys’ Has The Critics Completely Enamored

Its third season, “The Boys,” is “both bracingly visceral and wickedly smart,” according to the critics’ consensus.

“The Boys still presents a fantasy version of America where people can fly, rip metal apart with their bare hands, and make people’s heads explode using psychic powers — and it does that very well,” writes Melanie McFarland of Salon. But if we’re feeling more queasy than usual this season, it might not be because of all the blood and guts.


Prime Video announced in June 2022 that there would be more episodes of The Boys, so season 4 is officially on the way, but it will probably be a while before we see Billy Butcher and company back on our televisions.

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