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The Flash’s Director’s Sketch Has Fans Speculating About An Unseen Villain!

Speculations about The Flash’s unknown antagonist are summarized below. The Flash, the next film in the DC Extended Universe, is finally scheduled for release on June 23, 2023, after many delays and several directors. After traveling across time to prevent the death of his mother,

Barry Allen unintentionally sets in motion a chain of events that would lead to the destruction of the Earth (as depicted in the novel Flashpoint). More information, such as the identity of the film’s primary antagonist, is still lacking, though.

No one knows for sure who the villain on The Flash will be just yet, but these are some of the leading suspects. None of these villains have been seen in the DCU before, and there is currently no word on whether or not they will make an appearance in The Flash in 2023 or anywhere else in the DCU.

A villain’s identity may be deduced with relative ease, though, by combining information from the film with that from the Flash comics (including the original Flashpoint narrative).

General Zod, Played By Michael Shannon Once Again

Michael Shannon, who played General Zod in Man of Steel, is set to reprise his role in The Flash, despite admitting that he was “a little confused” when director Andy Muschietti asked him to do so.

If my recollection serves me correctly, I passed away in Man of Steel,” Shannon went on. Is it guaranteed that they have the right man? But then they filled me in on the multiverse concept, which, admittedly, I was slow to catch on to. Not that I have anything against horror movies per such, but I just don’t watch them very often. Those films aren’t ones I’d choose to watch, but I enjoy making them anyhow.

General Zod, Played By Michael Shannon Once Again

Shannon has subsequently stated that he discussed the need for Man of Steel director Zack Snyder’s approval of the character revival with Man of Steel director Andy Muschietti, explaining that the decision “just [didn’t] feel right without that.” To his credit, Shannon said, “Zack was really understanding. After getting his approval, I went ahead and did it.

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For the film itself, Muschietti said, “We didn’t talk about it [during production],” alluding to the possibility of a The Flash sequel. Everyone is holding their breath to see how well this film fares. There is, of course, enthusiasm for carrying on the story, especially in light of the potential success of this film.

Without a doubt, DC is the site of a developing and innovative architectural scene. The question is whether or not this narrative can be accommodated by the new structure. The possibility of several universes is the best thing about them. Hopefully, yes, I mean, we don’t know yet, but the multiverse makes it possible for all of these universes to coexist and interact with one another. Indeed, it is so.



The Reverse-Flash stands out as the most likely antagonist for The Flash. The Reverse Flash is Barry’s sworn enemy in the comics and in most adaptations of the Flash franchise. He is also responsible for the murder of Barry’s mother and the framing of Barry’s father for the crime.

And since The Flash was clearly inspired by Flashpoint, it stands to reason that DC Comics’ Reverse Flash would play a villainous role in the film adaptation.

Red Death

Red Death

Red Death, an antagonist from Batman, is a less obvious choice but nonetheless possible for The Flash’s antagonist. Red Death is an alternate Batman who, rather than going back in time to save his family, chose to bond with the Flash, gaining the latter’s super speed as a result.

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It’s possible that Ben Affleck’s Batman or Michael Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton movies will become Red Death by fusing with one of the Barry Allens in an effort to alter the past.

Replacement for Wonder Woman

Since Flashpoint is a source of inspiration for The Flash, a villain like a different version of Wonder Woman is also a possibility. In the Flashpoint reality, Wonder Woman rules the Amazons as a ruthless monarch and, with the help of Ocean Master and Penthesilea, sparks a catastrophic war with Atlantis.

It would make perfect sense to have Wonder Woman from DC Comics’ Flashpoint serve as The Flash’s antagonist, as she is widely considered to be the most villainous iteration of Wonder Woman. This is especially true after watching the Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox animated film.


Black Flash is another potential antagonist with deeper roots in the Flash’s lore. Although the Black Flash wasn’t directly engaged in the original Flashpoint tale, its entrance in The Flash may be explained if it were attempting to assassinate the original Barry Allen in order to resolve the conundrum of two versions of Barry being in the same timeline. Black Flash is less of a villain than a neutral force, although if it were to actively work against Barry, it would be the film’s antagonist.

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