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The Great Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Plot, And Latest News!

The third season of The Great, when will it be available? Since its premiere in 2020, the acclaimed “anti-historical” TV series based loosely on the life of Catherine the Great, Russia’s longest-reigning female ruler,

has won the hearts of romance and drama fans everywhere. With “an almost entirely untrue story,” we’ve laughed, cried, and been on the edge of our seats throughout the show’s two seasons.

The Great is jam-packed with engrossing drama, from betrayal and court tension to full-scale civil war in the golden palace. The anticipation among viewers for the next episode of the drama series is understandable.

Luckily, The Great season 3 has already been confirmed. The return of Elle Fanning as Catherine and Nicholas Hoult in the role of Peter III means it’s time to dust off your powdered wigs.

However, you may be wondering what exactly these royals plan to do in the next installment of the hit show. Perhaps you’re wondering when and where you can witness this phenomenon firsthand.

The Great Season 3 Release Date

On May 12, we’ll have access to the third season of The Great. The renewal for a third season of ten episodes was announced by Hulu in January 2022. The news was confirmed by a tweet of jubilation.

The first season of The Great premiered on May 15, 2020, but the second didn’t air until November 19, 2021, all because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Because lockdowns are no longer in effect, it is likely that there will be a shorter time between seasons 2 and 3. (fingers crossed).

The Great Season 3 Plot

Even though there has been no official word on the series’ future plot, we can probably make some educated guesses based on the show’s track record. From the comments of the cast and the shocking conclusion of Season 2,

The Great Season 3 Plot

we can tell that this will be an exciting show. The second season featured a slew of murders, tangled romantic triangles, and unexpected turns of emotion. Catherine decided to end Peter’s challenge to her leadership once and for all in the season two finale.

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A shocking turn of events reveals that she stabbed a double Peter all along. Based on what we saw in Season 2, we can expect Catherine and Peter to continue trying to find a way forward that will allow them both to live in Season 3.

We can also anticipate that Peter’s perception of himself as a transformed man who genuinely cares about his family (wife and son Paul) will persist. He’ll keep attempting to disprove the notion that he’s the same monster from season one who’s obsessed with gaining power at any cost.

As for Catherine’s other close friend, Marial, we’d like to know what became of her. In the most recent season, the queen locked her up after she exposed Peter’s affair with Catherine’s mom and his accidental killing of her. What will it be like to acquire such a web of intricate trust, power, and destiny? Only time will tell.

The Great Season 3 Cast

Season 3 of The Great will feature the return of the entire royal court, which comes as no surprise. Queen Catherine herself, played by Elle Fanning, will be returning, as will Nicholas Hoult as her slacker husband Peter.

The Great season 3 cast

The Great season 3 is likely to feature the following actors and actresses.

  • Elle Fanning (Catherine the Great)
  • Nicholas Hoult (Peter II of Russia)
  • Phoebe Fox (as Marial)
  • Sacha Dhawan (as Count Orlo)
  • Belinda Bromilow (as Aunt Elizabeth)
  • Adam Godley (as Archie)
  • Gwilym Lee (as Grigor)
  • Charity Wakefield (as Georgina)
  • Douglas Hodge (as General Velementov)
  • Bayo Gbadamosi (as Arkady)
  • Florence Keith-Roach (as Tatyana)

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The Great Season 3 Trailer

There has not yet been a trailer released for Season 3 of The Great. The second season’s trailer is available for viewing at this time:

Final Words

Hulu has released a first-look image and announced that all 10 episodes of Season 3 of “The Great” will be available on the streaming service on May 12. After Catherine (Elle Fanning) imprisoned his friends and almost had him murdered in the second season, Peter (Nicholas Hoult) and Catherine (Elle Fanning) try to save their marriage in the third season.

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