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Is It Insanity Or Obsession? A Look Back At The Alexanders Family History!

The month of December in the year 1970. The City of Santa Cruz in Spain Local celebrity doctor Walter Trankler answered the door to find a visitor. Sabine, the maid who worked for him, was in the kitchen tending to some dishes.

Harald Alexander Trankler Sr., Sabine’s father, and Frank Trankler, her brother, greeted Mr. Trankler when he opened the door. The doctor ushered 15-year-old Sabine out of the kitchen and into a quiet area by the front door for a family chat.

Mr. Trankler probably wouldn’t want to listen in on their conversation, but he couldn’t help but notice the two men. They were both filthy from head to toe; hardly appropriate attire for a family reunion. This prompted the doctor to follow his gut and listen in on the conversation, the contents of which would send chills down his spine.

The doctor was frozen in place, his mind unable to wrap around the staggering reality before him. Perhaps Sabine would pass out or scream at any moment, he thought.

Sabine, however, surprised him by accepting and even applauding her father’s heinous act by taking his hand and pressing it affectionately to her cheek. I’m sure you’ve taken the measures you deemed necessary,” she assured me. They all gave each other bear hugs at the end.

The doctor realized he was in the company of dangerous people who had forgotten what was right and wrong. He locked himself in his bedroom, built improvised barricades to protect the door, and dialed 911.

It seemed like an eternity to the doctor as the minutes ticked by before the police arrived. Whether the perpetrators would get away or come after him was anyone’s guess.

The Dreadful Scene Of The Crime

When the police entered the doctor’s home, the three occupants did not appear to have recently murdered any members of their own family. As they questioned Harald about “what’s going on?”, the police officers wondered if they had received the correct tip.

The Dreadful Scene Of The Crime

Harald would go back over the story he told his daughter without any remorse. There was zero reluctance; they even offered to reveal the exact location of the crime scene—his apartment.

The police were completely taken aback by the apparent lack of irony. After Harald’s confession, a few police were sent to the scene to check its legitimacy. There, the police witnessed the most horrific scene of their careers.

One body was in the bedroom, and the other two were in the living room, all of them horribly dismembered. A massive amount of people died.

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The Hour Of Killing

Frank’s mind, which had been fed and bolstered by an unusual brand of fanaticism, was now completely out of his control. After settling in Spain for ten months, on December 22nd, 1970, Frank announced that the “hour of killing” had arrived.

Frank and his relatives saw the killing hour as a way to guarantee their female heirs a place in Heaven. They thought women were inherently bad and that God would not let them into heaven unless they were killed.

The Hour Of Killing

We can’t say for sure if Frank made this up or if it came from the Lorber cult. Women in the family were instructed to be ready to kill whenever Frank saw fit. When Frank had determined the proper moment, the women were to allow themselves to be attacked and subjugated.

Frank didn’t like the look his mom gave him one time when he was sitting on the bed’s edge and she was lying there. He thought she shouldn’t be looking at him like that. And he felt in his bones that now was the time to kill.

What Happened To Frank, Harald, And Sebina?

The doctor, Walter Trankler, listened in on the family’s private conversation the day after the gruesome ritual and called the police.

Authorities determined that both Frank and Harald were mentally unfit to stand trial, so they were not required to do so. Both of them ended up in a mental health facility. Sabine begged to come along, but her parents sent her to a nunnery instead. After that, we lost contact with her entirely.

Frank and Harald Alexander spent a lot of time at the asylum. Twenty years after their initial admission to a mental institution, in 1991, they escaped.

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Their whereabouts are still a mystery. Both the father and the son disappeared, victims of their shared dangerous delusion.

To what destination might Frank and Harald have escaped? Is it possible that their mental health was affected by spending 20 years in a hospital? Probably no one will ever know…

Final Words

Frank and Harald Alexander spent a considerable amount of time in a mental institution. However, in 1991, twenty years after being admitted, they successfully escaped from the psychiatric facility. Their whereabouts remain a mystery at this time.

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