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“The Legend” Finally Lands On [Platform] – Release Date And Plot Details!

Filmgoers could see Saravanan Arul in “The Legend,” an action film set in the future and based on a book of the same name, in July of 2022. Today marks the film’s official digital debut on the aforementioned regional OTT service. The film’s producers took to social media to announce the film’s March 3 digital site release.

Saravanan Arul, Urvashi Rautela, Suman, Geethika, Prabhu, Vivek, Vijayakumar, Yogi Babu, Vamsi Krishna, and Nasser star in this movie directed by JD and Jerry. Harris Jayaraj, who scored the film, made his return to the film industry with this project.

Despite negative reviews, the film made a total of Rs 6 crore at the box office during its theatrical run. Speaking to the media after the release of “The Legend,” Saravanan Arul confirmed his intention to keep working as an actor. Unfortunately, he has not yet made public announcements about the projects he has committed to.

When And Where Can I Watch Saravanan Arul’s The Legend, A Tamil Film, On OTT?

When Saravanan Arul, one of the most successful businessmen in Tamil Nadu, announced his intention to enter the film industry, fans of Tamil cinema were taken aback. Director duo JD and Jerry were hired to helm the film with the epic title The Legend.

The plot centers on a brilliant scientist who embarks on an ambitious plan to revolutionize his hometown. Still, there are those who have their own agendas and try to sabotage their efforts. The rest of the story focuses on the optimistic scientist’s plans to put his ideas into action.

When And Where Can I Watch Saravanan Arul's The Legend, A Tamil Film, On OTT

Both critics and moviegoers were unimpressed with the film when it first premiered in theaters in July of last year. Saravanan’s performance was poorly received, but many people were impressed by his willingness to take the lead in a high-budget film he had financed and directed. The film featured an ensemble cast including Urvashi Rautela, Geethika, Vivek, Nasser, Prabhu, Vijayakumar, and Yogi Babu, with music composed by Harris Jayaraj.

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The film was shot by R Velraj and edited by Ruben, with dance sequences choreographed by Raju Sundaram, Brinda, and Dinesh. Stunt music for The Legend was composed by Anl Arasu, and Pattukottai Prabhakar wrote the film’s dialogue.

Many moviegoers were curious about the postponement of the OTT premiere of a Tamil film that had received mostly negative reviews and was widely mocked online. Now, Saravanan has confirmed the March 3 release date for the action film on Disney+ Hotstar.

Using Twitter, he announced, “The Wait is over! #Legend streaming in @DisneyPlusHS from Tomorrow (sic).” The Legend will premiere on OTT in four different languages: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi. Saravanan has also mentioned that he will provide an updated release window first thing in the morning.

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However, Bhediya, a Bollywood film in Hindi, is rumored to debut on OTT services sometime in January 2023. On November 25, 2022, audiences could see Bhediya, a horror-comedy film.

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