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The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Is The Most Anticipated Game Of The Year!

One of the most lauded games of the previous generation, Breath of the Wild’s instant open-world classic status is still felt in the gaming industry years after the game’s release.

The game tells a classic Zelda story through flashbacks, and it feels miraculous to play because it gives the player a level of freedom and a lack of overbearing guidance that is entirely rare in the genre.

The good news is that a sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, will be released soon, and we have all the information you need about it right here.

When Will Tears Of The Kingdom Be Made Available?

The release date of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was announced in a Nintendo Direct in September 2022, and it is set for May 12 of the following year, 2023.

Nintendo originally stated that it was aiming for 2022, but that window was later revised to a general Spring 2023 target.

Tears Of The Kingdom Platforms

It now appears that the next Legend of Zelda game will not be included in the release of a Switch Pro with enhanced graphical capabilities, contrary to widespread expectation.

You’ll have to play Tears of the Kingdom on a Switch—it’s confirmed Switch exclusive—but you can choose between the regular Switch, the Switch OLED, and the Switch Lite.

Tears Of The Kingdom Story

We were pretty satisfied at the end of the first Breath of the Wild, having discovered exactly what happened all those years ago and successfully defeating Calamity Ganon once more to free Hyrule from his reign of terror, so this is where the various trailers we’ve seen are at their most alluring.

Tears Of The Kingdom Story

However, we can now see that the story is continuing, with Zelda and Link seemingly exploring the ruins beneath Hyrule Castle. It appears that the darkness that engulfed the land has not been completely extinguished and that something vile is taking place below.

The power is shown in the trailer to revive Ganon’s body is similar to that seen in Twilight Princess for the Wii. The trailer sets an impressively eerie mood, and everything looks frightening.

In the second trailer, this is developed further, with numerous aerial battles depicted and Link sporting a corrupted arm and new abilities. Everything points to this being one of the more serious Zelda stories to date, more along the lines of Majora’s Mask than the lighthearted The Wind Waker. Please include us; we can’t wait!

Tears Of The Kingdom Gameplay

It’s unclear what these plot points mean for the game’s aesthetic, but given that Tears of the Kingdom is a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild, we can probably assume that it will once again be a fully open-world adventure.

Trailers have shown that Link will be venturing into a large world once again, and this time there will be many islands floating in the background.

Tears Of The Kingdom Gameplay

We anticipate still being able to acquire new skills and weapons as we progress through the game, though we hope Nintendo will relax the rules surrounding weapon durability this time around, if not do away with them entirely.

The trailers also show that Link has access to new abilities, such as the ability to rewind time on at least some objects, and that he has access to new modes of transportation, such as glimpses of airborne and ground-based vehicles.

Tears Of The Kindom Trailers

In February 2022, during a Direct presentation, Nintendo released a trailer for Tears of the Kingdom that provided the first in-depth look at the game’s gameplay to date. The release date and title, Tears of the Kingdom, were both confirmed by a trailer released by Nintendo in September 2022, which you can view below.

For a long time, people just called it a Breath of the Wild sequel without actually knowing what the game was called. Though these are certainly welcome revelations, we expect that Tears of the Kingdom’s gameplay will be shown in greater detail in the coming months.

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