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Two Chicago Public Schools Principals Lost Their Jobs After An Investigation By The Inspector General!

Chicago Public School students will return to class on Monday, April 1 after enjoying a week-long spring break. Two schools have had new principals appointed since the start of the current school year.

On Monday, as CPS students return from spring break, a new administrator will be formally introduced at a study by Lind Math and Science Academy. Some parents and students are concerned about the school’s future leadership after CPS claimed to have investigated the now-transferred former principal.

One of the fathers, Jay Jonas, questioned what had transpired. Truthfully, we have no idea. If you know, please tell us. A concerned mom from Chicago, Illinois’s Lindblom and colleagues Science and Math Center has a question for Child Protective Services.

Cps Sent Out Letters To Schools And Families Last Week

Jones elaborated by saying, “My daughter and I recently had a chat in which we’re clearly slightly anxious regarding the things we expect.” Anxiety was exacerbated by learning of a new administration at the prestigious school on the first day of classes after the district break for spring break.

Everett Edwards has taken over as head administrator at the school after Abdul Muhammad was suddenly removed just before the break.

Cps Sent Out Letters To Schools And Families Last Week

CPS told ABC7 that Muhammad was removed from his position as principal at Lindblom due to “substantiated findings” from a school investigation, though the district did not elaborate.

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Doneya Boyd, a senior at Lindblom, said, “I liked Jim because of the way he tried and because he was the initial Black principal at my school.” He made a great deal of progress for the organization. Everywhere he went, he would approach students and inquire about how he could better serve them.

Boyd claims that students skipped the first day of school in protest of Muhammad’s decision to replace Karen Fitzpatrick Carpenter with another administrator. According to Boyd, there were “a lot of discussions back and forth” about how he was doing in class and how he was representing the university.

The Outcome Of This Remains To Be Seen

The network teams are not permitted to discuss the incidents in greater detail, as stated in the letters sent home to parents. This makes me anxious because I can’t predict what the future holds. “It’s very stressful for her,” Jones said. The CPS needs to step up its game.

Meanwhile, the school’s new administration will be introduced to parents via video conference tonight. Kenneth McNeal took over as principal of Hyde Park Academy after CPS fired Antonio Ross for an investigation that is still ongoing.

The Outcome Of This Remains To Be Seen

The children have suffered enough, and I pray that things can be put in order. Tanya Martin, a parent of a Hyde Park Academy student, said, “They just got over COVID.” Siobhan Enge, another parent, questioned CPS’s decision.

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For Enge, the parent of a senior in high school, this is a major source of anxiety. Concerned parents are looking for updates. For what reason is he being looked into, exactly? We wonder if his inquiry has anything to do with the protection of our children. There will be a meeting next Monday for parents at Hyde Park Institute to discuss the new leadership.


ABC7 spoke with parents from both schools, and they all said they were looking forward to Monday night’s sessions. CPS claims that there have been no updates regarding faculty or investigations.

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