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Utah Has A New State Flag: New Logo Featuring A Massive Beehive Has The Governor’s Stamp Of Approval!

On Tuesday, Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed into law a bill that will. In March 2024, usher in a new state flag. But the current, or historic, flag of Utah will remain in use. Cox issued an executive order outlining how the state’s historic flag will continue to be displayed. And he also signed Senate Bill 31, which was narrowly passed by the Utah legislature earlier this month despite some pushback and controversy prompting changes to the bill.

Three iterations of the current Utah flag are designated as “historical” under new legislation sponsored by Republican state Sen. Dan McCay. Executive order signed by Cox states that the historic Utah flag “shall be flown at the Capitol at all times and in all state buildings on certain holidays and special occasions.”

When both flags are flown from the same pole. The governor has asked that the legislature change SB31 at the next session to mandate that the older flag be flown first.

Cox said in a Tuesday press release, “This will ensure that the historic flag will remain a symbol of our history and strength.” He also expressed gratitude to the “tens of thousands of Utahns who participated in designing and selecting this new flag.”

Why Did Utah Change Their Flag?

The state is pleased with the new logo because it more accurately reflects the values held by its citizens today. In 2020, state officials convened the Utah State Flag Task Force to oversee the redesign of the state flag.

As part of the statewide flag project dubbed “More Than Just A Flag,” a 2021 survey was conducted, with the results showing that many respondents felt the current eagle flag didn’t accurately portray their values.

Few Utah residents were able to accurately reproduce the logo in a drawing. And survey results showed that sports team flags were more commonplace than the state emblem.

“The goal was to create a design that is easier to reproduce and recognize at a distance. A design that Utahns can rally around,” the official website explains. The second goal is to redesign Utah’s flag so that more people are proud to fly it.

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Inclusionary Symbols Are Necessary

The history of the Beehive State’s moniker may shed light on its origins for those who are curious. Many pioneers took the beehive as a metaphor for the value of teamwork and respecting one another’s efforts. The very first suggestion for the state’s name was “The State of Deseret,” a reference to the Mormon temple. (In Latter-day Saint scripture, “deseret” is interpreted as “honeybee.”)

Inclusionary Symbols Are Necessary

Although the beehive symbol has played an important role in the history of the Latter-day Saints. Some people have expressed concern that its use constitutes discrimination. Having the year 1847 on the flag has been criticized for similar reasons. With some arguing that it shows a lack of respect for the indigenous people who lived there long before Europeans arrived.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words. It is hoped that the new Utah flag will include images that will help its citizens feel more connected and included. Geographical features like mountains and red rock formations, plants, animals, and anything else that resonates with the general public are all fair game.

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When Will The New Utah Flag Become Official?

When the Utah legislature officially adopted the original state flag on March 9, 1911, exactly 113 years ago, on March 9, 2024, the new flag will go into effect. The Utah Department of Culture and Community Engagement reports that the first flag for the state was designed in 1903.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, efforts to redesign Utah’s official flag were initiated in 2019. Officials chose the new flag’s design from among thousands submitted by the public last year.

Assist In Creating The New Utah State Flag

Now comes the exciting part: maybe it will be your idea for a new flag for Utah. (While reading this, perhaps an idea has occurred to you.) The Design Review Committee is looking for creative people who can capture the spirit of a unified state banner. The group’s goal is to design a new flag that more accurately reflects Utah’s character and shared ideals.

Assist In Creating The New Utah State Flag

“A winning design should be factually accurate, inclusive, and demonstrate good flag design principles,” the committee website reads.

Flag design experts say the idea should be easy enough for a child to remember. But there are specific requirements for submitting concepts. Before April 30th, you have the opportunity to submit up to three different flag designs.


For the 125th anniversary of Utah in 2021, the state adopted a commemorative flag featuring the beehive, a Mormon symbol of community and industry. Twenty designs were narrowed down to finalists from hundreds of submissions last year, all of which had their genesis in the commemorative flag.

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