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What Happened To The “Zombie Flipping” Of Houses? Explained!

TV shows that have a distinct take on their subject matter and characters tend to garner a lot of attention. Shows like “Zombie House Flipping” succeed in keeping viewers’ attention because they constantly introduce new challenges and surprises.

This program, as the title suggests, is about flipping houses and also features zombies. So, what is it, exactly? Does it mean anything? These questions can only be answered by investigating the show’s premise and its creators’ intentions.

The idea behind television programs is straightforward. Artists and handymen band together to transform rundown mansions into lavish palaces. The show follows these renovators as they go about their work, from the initial search for suitable properties to the completion of the final product.

Those who tune in to this show are in for a real treat. There are a few twists and turns, but overall Zombie House Flipping is an extremely entertaining and engrossing show that leaves us wanting more. When we’re feeling bored and stuck inside, watching a show like this is a great option.

What Is Zombie House Flipping?

A first-time viewers wouldn’t be blamed if they thought they were watching a Walking Dead-like mock renovation show. The skilled crew of renovators and decorators takes on the properties no one else wants, such as those that have been foreclosed on or are otherwise uninhabited.

What Is Zombie House Flipping

Upon viewing the first few episodes, it becomes immediately apparent that the majority of these establishments are in a dire state of decay.

Then, as is customary on these shows, the architects and decorators work their magic to make them stunning. It’s like “Pimp My Ride,” the legendary ’00s car flipping show, but with nearly-dead houses.

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Realtor Ashlee Casserly, project manager Justin Stamper, builder Keith Ori, and designer Peter Duke made up the all-star cast of the 2016 A&E series premiere of Zombie House Flipping.

What Happened To Duke On ‘Zombie House Flipping?’

Houses in a Florida neighborhood are inspected by Justin Stamper’s crew before they take any jobs there. The fact that viewers can learn from and contribute to the house-flipping process is an added bonus. As such, Zombie House Flipping is not just a fun show to watch, but also one that provides useful information to people who could benefit from it.

What Happened To Duke On 'Zombie House Flipping

No small reason has led to Justin Stamper and his team being dubbed the “Robin Hoods” of the real estate industry. A lot of episodes have already shown the crew successfully flipping houses. The show’s success gives us more of a reason to watch it and take something away from it.

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The remodeling crew is well-known in their Orlando, Florida community. Zombie House Flip is also the name of their Instagram page. Their tasks and responsibilities are outlined here for easy reference. Houses featured in the show are referred to as “zombie houses” because they are frequently depicted as being uninhabited and in need of maintenance.

Seems Like Duke Has Found Success Beyond ‘Zombie House Flipping

Duke may have decided that the time he was spending filming Zombie House Flipping wasn’t worth it, despite the fact that there is certainly money to be made as on-camera talent in a show. That, or he was just trying to drum up business for his own company, Hour Glass Homes, during his appearances on the show.

According to his Instagram bio, he “enjoys creating beautiful spaces, traveling, learning, and new challenges.” He also uses social media to showcase his excellent work.

Even more intriguing is the fact that he caters his modern design philosophies to each individual client. Specifically, these two posts contain links to restrooms.

New episodes of Zombie House Flipping (minus Duke) air on A&E every Saturday at 11 a.m. and can be viewed on AETV.com. This is the fourth season of the show. Are plans to visit it?


The success of his DIY renovation gave him the courage to look into other properties for rent or renovation. He started a company in 2008 that cleaned up and resold foreclosed homes, and in 18 months, his company dealt with three thousand properties.

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