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When Will The Game”The Ghost Of Tabor” Be Released?

Regarding virtual reality (VR) military shooters, Ghosts of Tabor is among the best. You must scavenge, complete scenarios, and survive in this survival game reminiscent of DAYZ, Escape From Tarkov, and ARMA. Game designer Combat Waffle Studios, Inc. of Port Charlotte, Florida, is a Veteran-owned company working on Ghosts of Tabor.

The VOLK originated from the widespread suspicion that the Russian government was approving experiments on its own citizens. Once VOLK had taken over the Russian capital in 2042, they absorbed the remaining special operation units in the country and launched an offensive to rescue the Russian people.

After gaining absolute power in Russia, VOLK shifted its focus to the West. Receiving information pointing to TABOR as the epicenter of the experiments, VOLK forces quickly moved in to occupy the island.

After the explosion, the GHOSTS and the FENIX rebels of TABOR make it difficult for VOLK to establish control over the island. There is a widespread belief among VOLK that the GHOSTS are attempting to hide and destroy evidence linking the United States and Europe to experiments conducted on Russian citizens.

Release Date For Ghosts Of Tabor And Its Possible Uses

There are only four days left until Monday, March 20th, the day the PC (Early Access) version of the game Ghosts of Tabor is set to be released in the United States and the United Kingdom. The third quarter of 2023 is the official release window for the PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2 in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Release Date For Ghosts Of Tabor And Its Possible Uses

Cinematic Trailer for Ghosts of Tabor in Early Access. In 2042, militant Slavic groups (Volk) staged a coup d’état and took over the Russian capital. As a multiplayer VR military shooter, Ghosts of Tabor takes place in a post-apocalyptic war setting. The likes of DAYZ, Escape from Tarkov, and ARMA served as inspiration for you.

In the first year, PSVR2 games include Pavlov, Firewall Ultra, Crossfire, Ghosts of Tabor, and Alvo. In another five years, who knows what else will have happened? The game is currently in open alpha, and on March 20th, it will transition into closed beta.

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Ghost Of Tabor Story

The Russian capital was taken over by Slavic militant forces (Volk) in 2042. Governments and nations worldwide all said they had no idea this was going on. VOLK forces besieged the NATO stronghold of TABOR during their offensive.

Ghost Of Tabor Story

Raids last an hour and occur between 8 and 20 Involved Players (relative to the size of the Map): Player can join a game up to 25 percent of the way through the first round (they connect to a dedicated server)

Fenix is present in the match and is strategically placed to give them an artificial advantage. bosses are notoriously difficult to defeat, but rewardingly so due to their superior loot. When the raid timer is at 40% or less, players can also join as Fenix. A 25-minute cooldown follows the conclusion of each match (death, extraction, time up, disconnect).

(If no filter servers are available, the Fenix option will gradually disappear.) Fenix won’t have the same appearance as Volk or Ghosts. Each map can only hold a certain number of Fenix, and each player who joins a match will eliminate one of the Fenix AIs (take over their body). If a Fenix player doesn’t kill an AI, they’ll be on the AI’s side (then they turn on that offending player).

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The thirst, hunger, health, weight, and stamina stats of a player. Your statistics will follow you between sessions, but in Safehouse, they will increase gradually from session to session (dependent on your upgrades in safehouse). Both the safehouse and the hospital provide access to food, potions, and other means of restoring health.

Ghost Of Tabor Trailer

It’s possible that even I, a previously uninterested player of massively multiplayer online games, could be drawn in by the appeal of an open world, survival, no fantasy setting, virtual reality concept game.

That no longer has the power to excite me in Flat. I really want to experience something graphically demanding. In VR again after the whole Quest 2 downgrade fiasco, so here’s hoping PCVR technology continues to see widespread adoption.


Ghosts of Tabor is a first-person military shooter set in a realistic virtual reality setting in the year 2044. This video is unsupported by your web browser.

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