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Who Is Amber Jepson? Get To Know Michael B. Jordan’s Rumored New Flame!

At 35 years of age, Michael B. Jordan is considered one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. In interviews, the “Black Panther” star has been honest about his struggles in romantic relationships. Despite the complexity of Michael B. Jordan’s past relationships, many are curious about his current love interest in the wake of his publicized split from Lori Harvey.

Several models and actresses have been linked to Jordan. He dated some, had dinner with others and exchanged DMs with still others. Female fans of the “Just Mercy” star aren’t shy about making their feelings known, but the actor is selective about who he spends time with.

Who Is Michael B. Jordan Dating?

The Daily Mail reports that Michael is dating model Amber Jepson. Although they have only been on a few dates, they are said to be “really keen” on each other despite the fact that their relationship is still in its infancy.

Since Michael is in the country as a result of his minority ownership of the professional soccer team AFC Bournemouth, a reliable source claims that the two have gone on multiple dates.

Who is Michael B. Jordan dating

Michael and his ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey split up last year, and this news follows the disclosure that they had been together for about 18 months. Someone close to the couple told People that even though they were no longer together, Michael and Lori still deeply cared for one another.

“Michael matured a lot over the course of their relationship and was ready to commit for the long term,” the insider said. He finally felt safe enough in a romantic relationship to let his guard down and express his true feelings to her.

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Who Is Amber Jepson?

Model Amber Jepson, 26, from the United Kingdom, has over 250,000 Instagram followers (a count that is growing by the minute). Despite the fact that she isn’t as famous as her supposed romantic interest, the fact that she can support herself financially has been seen as a positive sign for their relationship.

Amber, who is based in Manchester, is a model signed with Boss Model Management.

Since beginning her modeling career, she has done work for several cosmetics companies. Many people will be interested in learning more about her now that they know she is dating Michael, the actor. However, it is not yet clear if or when they will decide to take their relationship to the next level and become more committed to one another.

Which Country Does Amber Jepson Call Home?

To the best of our knowledge, Amber was born and raised in Manchester, England, and thus holds British citizenship. She and Michael first became acquainted during one of his visits to the United Kingdom; however, it is unknown whether or not she has yet traveled to the United States to see Michael.

Which Country Does Amber Jepson Call Home

The spotlight on Amber is bound to grow now that their relationship is public knowledge. It had the potential to catapult her to even greater fame as a model, for whom she was already known to some extent.

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Amber’s Instagram is seemingly dedicated to her modeling career, as the majority of her posts feature her in various racy poses. Her social media accounts are focused on her professional life, so we don’t know much about her personally at this time. However, if she continues to see Michael, we may learn more about her private life.


Speculation about a romantic relationship between Michael and Lori began in early 2020, and it wasn’t until June 2022 that news of their breakup finally emerged. During his hosting of Saturday Night Live on January 13, Michael talked about his recent breakup with Lori, who has been rumored to be dating Damson Idris.

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