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“The Ice Cream Killer,” She’s The Girl Who’s Too Dangerous For Jail!

The Austrian “Ice Cream Killer” femme fatale can pick from various eligible males at her new prison. The authorities think Estibaliz Carranza, 38, is too dangerous to keep in a women’s prison, so they plan to transfer her to an all-male facility. The serial killer’s past victims include men she lured into her web and then beheaded and dismembered with a chainsaw.

For the dismemberment murders of her ex-husband and her ex-lover on separate occasions, she was given a life sentence in 2012. She shot them both in the head, dismembered them, froze the parts, and buried the bodies under the concrete floor of her candy store. The stench of their decaying bodies was so offensive that she hung air fresheners to mask it.

Previously serving her sentence at a women’s prison in Schwarzenau, Lower Austria, Carranza will be transferred on Monday to a “special” all-male penitentiary in Asten, Upper Austria, as reported by The Mirror.

Carranza is the first female inmate to be housed at the high-tech prison. There are currently 91 male inmates there. Within the next few months, thirteen more female inmates will be relocated there.

According to The Mirror, the staff includes 45 nurses, 18 therapists, 4 doctors, and 8 security officers. Inmates are allowed to share meals in both single and double cells and to move freely about the facility. The lounge is a comfortable place to relax and watch television.

In 2008, while her ex-husband, Holger Holz, was working on his computer, Carranza sneaked up behind him, pressed a.22-caliber Beretta against his head, and pulled the trigger.

She said she was livid when Holz refused to leave the marital home in Vienna after they separated. In addition, she dubbed him “violent and lazy.” She and her future husband met in Germany, where she was serving as an Au Pair, and later moved to Austria, where she opened an ice cream parlor.

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Carranza did the same thing to her ice cream salesman boyfriend, Manfred Hinterberger, two years later. When she went to confront him about an alleged affair, he was already passed out drunk, so she pumped several bullets into the back of his head.

What Is The Story Behind The Mysterious Estibaliz Carranza?

The Spanish national of Mexican descent murdered her husband and boyfriend when they failed to provide her with a child. In 2008, she murdered them all with the same gun and then dismembered their bodies with a saw.

What Is The Story Behind The Mysterious Estibaliz Carranza

She explained to her Vienna, Austria, neighborhood that the strange rumblings they were hearing came from a revolutionary new ice cream machine.

After dismembering the bodies, she placed the pieces in concrete-filled ice cream containers. She might have gotten away with it, except that a year after the second murder, construction workers renovating her basement discovered the remains of both men.

The woman, who desperately wanted a child, found out she was pregnant with her new lover’s child the morning she was arrested.

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What Happened To Estibaliz Carranza?

Carranza gave birth to a son in 2012 while serving a life sentence in prison. His mother gave birth to him in a mental institution, and he was taken to live with his father, who would later marry Carranza.

What Happened To Estibaliz Carranza

While serving her time, she is attending business school. My Two Lives: The True Story of the Ice Lady is her autobiography in which she details the murders and mutilations she committed against the two men.

Her son will receive 100% of the profits from the book. She stated, “My actions have destroyed my life and dreams,” during an interview in 2014. Having a son and realizing how much he means to me has made me realize how much I stole from my own mom and the other mom I dated. If I could have one wish granted, it would be to go back in time and alter the course of events.

Why Is Carranza Making Headlines Again?

It was announced in January 2017 that Carranza is so dangerous that she will spend her time in prison with only men. She is being transferred from the prison in Schwarzau, Austria, to a facility in Asten, close to the city of Linz, about 50 miles away.

She will be joining 12 other female inmates at the high-tech prison. Currently, there are 91 male inmates. The facility has both single and double rooms, as well as communal kitchens, so the inmates can prepare their own meals whenever they like.

Final Words

A MURDERER who calls herself “the Ice Lady” has written a memoir detailing how she murdered two lovers by shooting them and then dismembering their bodies with a chainsaw. Estibaliz Carranza, 36, shot her ex-husband in 2008 while he was working at their Vienna ice cream shop.

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