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Miley Cyrus And Her ‘Low-Key’ Boyfriend Maxx Morando: The Whole Story!

Miley Cyrus, in case you haven’t heard, is seeing someone new. One of the original Disney Channel stars is reported “happily dating” Maxx Morando, a singer,

A second source confirms that they are acquainted through shared friends and enjoy close friendship because “they are both artistic and creative” and “bond over being musicians.”

The paps spotted the couple making out by the pool in their Cabo property in February 2022, while they were on a mini-vacation from the cold weather. The rumor mill has it that Maxx watched Miley’s New Year’s Eve spectacular in Miami on NBC. The first time the two would be seen together in public would be on the red carpet at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show in Los Angeles that November of 2021. Witness:

BTW, neither Miley nor Maxx has commented on the reported ship just yet, but a source told Entertainment Tonight that “they’ve been dating a little while and are simply enjoying their relationship.”

“Miley appreciates how low-key they are as a pair, and how Maxx supports her desire to do her own thing while spending time with those who bring her joy.” All this new information about Maxx Morando begs for an in-depth analysis. Invade like a tidal wave, BFFs!

How Long Have Miley And Maxx Been Dating?

It was first speculated that Miles and Maxx were dating after they both attended a Gucci fashion show in November of 2021. After she shared an Instagram photo of the two of them together, you know things are becoming serious.

They spent New Year’s Eve together, and by the following May, when they made a public display of their PDA in Los Angeles, US, things were looking quite serious.

How long have Miley and Maxx been dating

They are “happy dating,” according to a source who spoke to E! News in January of 2022. They elaborated, “Since they share a love of music and a knack for creativity, they have become fast friends.”

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“They’ve been dating for a little while and are just enjoying their relationship,” another source revealed to Entertainment Tonight back in March. Miley appreciates that Maxx allows her the freedom to pursue her own interests and surround herself with positive influences.

Recently, the couple went to a Versace fashion show together, and he contributed to her new album, Endless Summer Vacation, by producing two songs.

There won’t be a plethora of public appearances or couple selfies from Miley and Maxx since they prefer to keep their relationship secret. We’re just glad they’re content.

Miley Cyrus Is Dating LA-Based Rocker Maxx Morando

Though her new track “Flowers” may be about her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, 30, is dating Maxx Morando, 23, a member of the rock band Liily.

After dating for nearly a year, the pair has finally decided to make their relationship public. A source close to Miley informed E! News in January 2022 that she and Maxx had been dating since the year’s end.

Miley Cyrus is dating LA-based rocker Maxx Morando

“Miley appreciates the fact that they are low-key as a couple,” an insider revealed to Entertainment Tonight. “She’s just focused on doing her thing and being around people who make her happy, and Maxx does that.” At the Versace Fall/Winter collection in West Hollywood on March 9th, Miley and Maxx made a rare public appearance together.

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What Has Miley Said About Her Relationship With Maxx?

Although Miley hasn’t discussed her relationship with Maxx, she did call him her favorite up-and-coming artist when discussing a collection he produced with designer Shane Kastl.

She showed Vogue her performance wardrobe, pointing to a poster of cartoon monsters and explaining that it was the result of a collaboration between two of her favorite upcoming artists, Maxx Morando and Shane Kastl.

“Their partnership exemplifies sustainability as the next fashion phase, and it illustrates that anything can be recreated; this is something that really speaks to me.”

The new Miley Cyrus song “You,” which will be featured on her 2023 album “Endless Summer Vacation,” is widely assumed to be about Maxx.

Final Words

We can assume that Miley and Maxx are still together because they were both sighted at Le Café de la Plage in Malibu a few days after Miley celebrated her 30th birthday on November 23, 2022.

In October, a source told E! News that the two were dating. According to our reliable source, “Miley and Maxx are still going strong” in their relationship. Miley is quite happy because they have been dating for about a year. They went on to say, “They’re a perfect fit; everyone in her family adores them.”

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