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Why Titus And Tate Became Instant Fan Favorites In The World Of College Basketball!

On Thursday, FOX Sports commentators Mark Titus and Tate Frazier announced that their college basketball program “Titus and Tate” would be ending. They started working for FOX in 2020. Titus announced on Thursday’s show that it would be their last on FOX. “We’ve decided to cancel our contract with FOX.

The fact that we are leaving FOX despite not having been fired is a major bummer for me, man, because I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. This wasn’t a case where we were simply let go by FOX. We made the choice on our own, which is sad because, speaking for myself, I’ve really enjoyed my time at this company. Work here at the best place I’ve ever had. Just thinking back on the past three years is mind-blowing.”

It was during the 2017–18 season that Titus and Frazier began co-hosting a college basketball podcast for The Ringer under the name “One Shining Podcast.” Titus and Tate started as independent podcasts in the fall of 2019, they joined FOX in January 2020 and added video.

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When Titus and Tate left “The Ringer,” they did so “without anything really, fully lined up, Tate,” he explained. “We’d just been so naive as to think that someone, somewhere would see our value and pay us accordingly, or provide us with opportunities that we weren’t being offered. Perhaps there is an investor out there who sees potential in us. We basically gambled on ourselves.”

Frazier assured listeners that the podcast’s accessibility would remain unchanged after the move, but the video component would be discontinued (at least on FOX).

It’s Kyle Guy, And He’s On Titus And Tate

Since the NCAA tournament has been called off due to the widespread coronavirus (COVID-19), the Virginia Cavaliers will retain their title for another season. Since the NBA and G-League seasons have been put on hold, reigning Final Four Most Outstanding Player Kyle Guy has more time on his hands than usual. As a result, the former Hoos star joined a podcast that isn’t based in St. Louis.

It's Kyle Guy, And He's On Titus And Tate

Guy spoke with podcast hosts Mark Titus and Tate Frazier, both of whom are friends of STL, on the show, which is now hosted by Fox Sports. They discuss this year’s Virginia team in addition to Kyle’s preferred films and board games and his activities while spending time alone. As an added bonus, Kyle provides some interesting details about working with Tony Bennett and the team’s pecking order.

Titus, after the Cavaliers’ championship, took him to Charlottesville, so be sure to listen to the very end to hear all about it. You’ll learn if Kyle ever took part in the eponymous activity of our blog and whether or not he fell down a flight of stairs at a Corner establishment.

Beginning at the 18:10 mark, you can watch the interview here, or you can download the episode wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Mark Titus, A Popular Figure In College Basketball, Has Signed On To Host A Show For Barstool Sports

Mark Titus, a college basketball personality, revealed on Wednesday that he is joining Barstool Sports with a new show called The Mark Titus Show, just a few weeks after announcing that he and cohost Tate Frazier would be leaving Fox with their show Titus & Tate.

After deciding to join Barstool, Titus made a short video to share on his social media and new YouTube channel.

At the University of Ohio, Titus played as a walk-on for the men’s basketball team, where he was first exposed to the media. He started a blog called Club Trillion in which he humorously and self-deprecatingly wrote about his time as a college basketball walk-on, including his controversial decision to enter the NBA draft.

After finishing college, Titus began working as a writer for Grantland under Bill Simmons. He then followed Simmons to The Ringer, where he and Frazier launched the One Shining Moment podcast. In 2020, Fox began airing the show, renamed Titus & Tate, based on the names of the podcast’s hosts.

Though Tate was a co-host on his previous podcasts with Titus & Tate, he will not be joining Titus at Barstool. Subtly on social media, Titus had been hinting at his impending move to Barstool, and he later apologized for giving the impression that the Titus & Tate podcast would be continuing as usual.

I apologize for any confusion this may have caused regarding the future of @titusandtate. “I will always love [Frazier] like a brother and I loved doing T&T,” Titus tweeted. I’d love it if you gave the new show a chance, but I totally get it if you don’t. I promise to do my best to put on a good show no matter what.

Final Words

On the most recent episode of his podcast, he was asked this very question from the mailbag and while he didn’t provide an answer, he did reveal that Mike Miller used to work as an assistant at Memphis before he abruptly left his position after realizing he was grossly underpaid.

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