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‘XO, Kitty’ Season 2 On Netflix: Will It Be Renewed? What We Know So Far!

XO, Fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before can now rejoice, for Kitty has arrived! However, will there be a season two?

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the To All the Boys spin-off starring Kitty ever since Netflix first announced the project. Kitty does not fail to impress, XO. In the episode, Kitty (Anna Cathcart) follows her true love, Dae (Minyeong Choi), to a boarding school in Seoul. However, not everything is as it seems, and Kitty must decide what she truly desires.

Each episode ends on a cliffhanger that has fans begging for more. As such, here is all the information you need about the upcoming second season of XO, Kitty, including its premiere date, cast, narrative specifics, trailers, and more.

Is XO Kitty Still On Or Off The Air?

Is XO Kitty Still On Or Off The Air

Netflix has not yet announced whether or not they will be renewing XO Kitty for a second season. It would be fascinating to see if Netflix gives the teen romance drama XO Kitty, which is a spin-off series, another season.

Netflix will analyze the data to determine if the show should be renewed. The first season of XO Kitty was an instant hit, and the reviews have been uniformly excellent.

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XO Kitty Season 2 Premiere Date

No information on when XO, Kitty Season 2 might premiere is available at this time. However, given that Netflix typically waits a year between seasons, the second season of XO, Kitty could potentially premiere as soon as May of 2023.

We assume that XO, Kitty season 2 will also consist of 10 episodes, each of which will run for 30 minutes.

XO Kitty Season 2 Plot

What a tangled web of love this is. When given the chance, Miss Song Covey can create quite the web. She took a round-trip flight halfway around the world for love that turned out to be true.

One plus one equals Kitty and Dae seemed like a simple equation at first, but it swiftly snowballed into phony connections, unexpected crushes, and a nail-biting will-they-won’t-they chase to the finish.

XO Kitty Season 2 Plot

Dae crossed the finish line feeling heartbroken but realizing that his relationship with Kitty had run its course after she fell for his former phony lover, Yuri.

Of course, Yuri was fascinated with Juliana, who had returned to KISS after being separated from him for a season by his parents so that he and Juliana can be together at last.

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After Kitty almost confessed her own love for Yuri, Yuri gave her and the airport a wistful glance. This was, of course, before the Juliana-interrupts. Since we’re not finished with these two, we’ll need to investigate that thoroughly.

At the same time, Min Ho gave new life to his feelings for Kitty by saying “I think I fell in love with you, a little bit” in the season finale. Min Ho is Dae’s pathetic closest buddy, and he has spent the entire season bullying Kitty.

XO Kitty Season 2 Cast

Cathcart’s Kitty had a difficult time adjusting to life at KISS (the Korean Independent School of Seoul), but you can’t keep a Covey girl down for long. With the return of the following classmates (and cast members), we anticipate that her number of pals will continue to grow:

• Choi Min-yeong as Dae
• Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho
• Gia Kim as Yuri
• Anthony Keyvan as Quincy ‘Q’
• Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison Miller
• Théo Augier Bonaventure as Florian
• Regan Aliyah as Juliana

XO Kitty Season 2 Trailer

Wishing it were as simple to get a trailer as it seems for Kitty to get a job at KISS. Sadly, that’s not the case. Even a teaser for the second season is not something we anticipate very soon.

However, we won’t relax and will be ready to pounce the instant one arrives.


There were so many loose ends that it makes no logic to assume there won’t be another season. It’s not just Florian and Dae’s wrongdoings that need to be rectified; there are many others as well. Nevertheless, as of May of 2023, Netflix had not ordered a second season.

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